Origin of Audens products

AUDENS Sports T-Shirts for men made in France - Origine of products

All of T-Shirts and accessories are created in Savoie, in the french Alps, where the headoffice is located.

Our collections of men sports T-Shirts, can be used for any types of sports includinG hiking. They are a 100% made in France as our supplier and its factory are located in Rhône-Alpes, France.

Nowadays, sourcing cotton T-Shirts Made in France is extremely complicated. This is why, for our Lifestyle Collections, we have chosen to work with the products from the Stanley&Stella collections, a brand that matches our vision of textile. The prints on the other side, are also done in Rhône-Alpes.



Audens products production process

Sublimation printing for our Sports T-Shirts

All of our Sports T-Shirts are developed from a white base.

The material (Polyester or Elastane) is only colored on one side using this process (the other side which will then be the inside of the Audens T-Shirts, will remain white) using the process called sublimation, during with textile fibers are being warmed up to a very high temperature in order to inject the ink.

Using this process, the graphics elements are completely integrated to the material itself. They are many advantages to this process. A soft fabric with no printing feeling, a design that does not alter with time, a great printing quality and all of that being one of the least polluting process.

Once printed, the fabric is then cut and assembled.


Serigraphy for our coton T-Shirts

The products originate from the Stanley&Stella collections.

Then, thanks to our supplier, we are printing the artwork directly on the T-Shirts using the widely known process of serigraphy (also known as screen-printing).

Less flexible than the numeric-printing that is becoming more and more common, serigraphy, when being done with "savoir-faire", remains the printing method with the highest ratio quality/durability.



Size guide for Men Sports T-Shirts

AUDENS Sports T-Shirts for men made in France - Size Guide

AUDENS Sports T-Shirts for men made in France - Size Guide

Size guide for Lifestyle Men T-Shirts

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